Let’s Get Crafty!

Summer is the perfect time to be outdoors and during this season Fencer Wire sees a lot of customers buying welded wire, hardware cloth, and hex netting for various gardening tasks. But, summer is also the time kids are home on vacation and sometimes a craft project is the perfect way to add some variety to the day. Hardware cloth and chicken wire are both inexpensive and make for some fun projects for both kids and adults alike. Below are links to some of our favorite craft ideas using these products.


A note on safety:

Wear gloves when handling wire. Not only can cut edges be sharp, depending on manufacturing methods some wire may have trace amounts of lead. A simple pair of gardening gloves will protect you from scratches and any exposure.


Clothes Pin Chandelier

This project is simple, understated, and gets that “oh that’s so cool” reaction from people who see it.


19 gauge hardware cloth with half inch openings is perfect for this job. The designers made it for a laundry room but it would also look great on a porch or in a workroom. Head over to younghouselove to find out how to make one yourself.


Vertical Succulent Garden

Vertical gardens are awesome, especially if, like yours truly, you have a tiny back yard. They allow you to add some green without taking up precious space, and Better Homes and Gardens has an amazing tutorial on how to put one together.


Once again 19 gauge hardware cloth is the go to fence product for this project and you can pick some up from fencerwire.com and then head to your local nursery to pick your plants. Check out the step by step guide on how to make your own here.


Wire Baskets

Spring cleaning may be a season past, but what better way to organize those areas of your home that can get a little out of control then with some fun wire baskets. Get the kids to make baskets for their toys and school supplies in fun colors and help them keep their rooms tidy.


Better Together used drop cloth as her fabric liner but you can find a cloth color to match any room in your home to line these with. Fencer Wire’s hardware cloth and chicken wire are both easy to bend into shape, sturdy enough to hold things like shoes, and light enough to make the baskets easy to carry. Add your own style and prevent the wire from rusting in rooms that might get a little wet like the bathroom or kitchen by spray painting the wire with rust-o-leum. Scroll down to craft number 3 to find the wire baskets on this site.


Snowflakes Ornaments

OK, yes I know the sun is shining and the last thing anyone wants to think about is snow. But you can get a jump on a new look for this year’s Christmas tree or cut out stars instead of snowflakes and use summery colors instead of silver and blue and make bright colorful window ornaments, or perfect party decorations mixed with some lights. Be creative!


This is a great craft for kids. Adults, you do the wire cutting and bending, and let the kids go crazy with glue and glitter. And, since its summer you can do it outside and don’t have to worry about a sparkly mess on the floor. Hardware cloth comes in half inch and quarter inch sizes either would be perfect for this job. Order some wire from Fencer Wire and check out how easy this craft is over at marthastewart.com


Bird Chandelier

This last craft is a bit of repeat on light fixtures, but, I love the whimsical look of this one. Perfect for a nursery, this is what the designer created it for, it would also look great in a den or office.


Hardware cloth works well for this to hold the twigs and add that birdcage look to the piece. Head over to dwellings by devore to see how its done.


So, we hope the above crafts have inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to wire fencing. This is just the tip of the ice berg there are some many wonderful artists making use of wire mesh as a medium. We at Fencer Wire would love to see what you create, email us your project pics and we will post them on our facebook page or leave a comment below with a link to other cool craft ideas out there.


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