Apron Fencing

Apron fence is a practical and effective way to either keep something inside or outside a fenced area depending on installation. The fence, usually at least 12 to 24 inches wide, is installed along the ground and attached to the base of the vertical fence. Once installed correctly grass will grow up through the fence making it invisible and long lasting.  As the wire will be along the ground and covered eventually by grass and partially buried a vinyl coated wire is going to be more durable and rust proof. Depending on the type of animal you are trying to contain the size of the fence openings can be anywhere from 1”x1” to ½”x ½ ” squares. Fencer Wire carries a line of 24” 16 gauge vinyl coated wire that will make a durable and effective apron fence.


Keeping things inside a fence:

A common application of apron fence is inside of dog kennels. The apron prevents the dog from digging under the fence as animals will only try to dig directly along the fence line, not realizing they need to start their escape tunnel at least a foot out.  To create an apron fence for a dog kennel the apron portion of the fence is along the inside of the kennel. Attach the apron fence to the bottom of the vertical fence with hog rings and secure it to the ground with lawn staples at least every two feet. The fence can now be covered with grass, dirt or gravel.

Keeping things outside a fence:

Another common use of apron fencing is to prevent animals from digging under a fence into a garden. To safe guard your garden from hungry pests install the apron fence along the outside of the vertical fence and secure it as above with hog rings and lawn staples.

Apron fence is a easy to install practical way to prevent pests and safe guard your pets. It’s an effective deterrent against larger predators as well such as coyotes. Fencer Wire can help you chose the right fencing products for your project. Give us a call today at (815) 773-1051 or visit us online at www.fencerwire.com today.


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